Moving checklist

Your international moving checklist

Moving internationally is an exciting time, but we understand the process can become overwhelming if not properly organised. Don’t lose yourself in the move – follow our checklist which breaks down the move into smaller and easier tasks.

At least 3 months before

  • Book your flights
  • Apply for passports and visas
  • Terminate your lease if applicable
  • Consider whether you will ship your furniture or buy furniture at your destination. Let your moving company know if you need storage facilities
  • Create a move budget
  • Get moving quotes (at least three) Remember to insure your belongings
  • If you are moving as a family, learn about your new home country together and discuss the move with your children
  • Research schooling options
  • Start looking for temporary accommodation in your destination country

2 months before

  • Sort through your belongings and resell or donate what you aren’t taking with. Be ruthless
  • Make a detailed inventory of everything accompanying you on your move. Assign each item a monetary value
  • If pets are travelling with you, get their travel crates so that they can get used to spending time in them and feel safe and secure on the journey
  • Notify the children’s schools, request their transcripts
  • Cancel or transfer your membership at the gym, yoga studio, CrossFit facility, etc., internet, telephone, magazine subscriptions
  • Have your vehicle serviced if it’s making the journey with you

4 weeks before

  • Use or donate items that you aren’t taking with but can’t sell
  • Gather all financial, legal, and medical records in one place
  • Cancel the debit order for your rent (if applicable)
  • Gather birth certificates and passports for everyone making the journey
  • Request copies of vet records and get any necessary pet medication and vaccinations
  • If you live in a complex, obtain moving and/or parking permits if necessary
  • Establish building restrictions for move hours if applicable
  • Arrange elevator access if necessary
  • Clean and dry your tools, garden furniture and kitchen utensils to avoid mould during the transport. This is particularly important if you are moving to a humid climate
  • Obtain packing supplies and start packing a little bit every day

The day before

  • Return borrowed items from neighbours, family, and friends
  • Unplug your fridge and freezer to defrost the night before
  • Pack an essentials box with everything you’ll need for the first 24 hours in your new home
  • If you are shipping your vehicle as well, remember to drain the fuel tank prior to transport
  • Make sure your important documents are all in one place and within easy reach: plane tickets, identity documents, passports, etc
  • Put aside essential medications and make sure you take them with you
  • Don’t forget any clothes at the dry cleaners!
  • Have everything ready for the movers to ensure a smooth process
  • Organise a pet/babysitter to help reduce the stress

Moving day

  • Protect your floors and carpets for the move
  • If you are a tenant, make a final inventory of fixtures, noting every detail (damage, breakages, malfunctions, etc.)
  • Note down meter numbers to avoid any misunderstanding with the landlord
  • Turn off the electricity, water and gas
  • Check that your electronic and household appliances are working in front of the moving crew before they are loaded for transport