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Furniture storage facilities for short- and long-term needs: local & international

Magna Thomson offers local and international storage facilities and solutions for household effects, from a few days to a few years. Our storage facilities are clean, dry and safe, and our experienced staff will take care of your belongings as if they were our own. Within South Africa, we also store cars, caravans, boats and trailers.

If you’re planning on relocating, one of the things to consider is what you will do with all your belongings. Should you sell them? Store them locally? Take them with you? Storing your household and personal effects overseas is more expensive than in South Africa, so it’s often better to store your goods locally until you need them. But if you think you’ll need your belongings on short notice, we can arrange overseas storage in pallet boxes for an unlimited period. Our secure storage warehouses are dust-free and affordable.

We also provide furniture storage solutions for businesses, with plenty of room for your excess office furniture and equipment. So if you are moving homes or offices, or just need some extra space, Magna Thomson can help.

Description: Short- and Long-term Furniture Storage Services in South Africa

Storage facility options in South Africa

Quality Moving Services, Storage Facilities for Short- and Long-Term Storage

At Magna Thomson, we understand the importance of finding the perfect storage solution. Our comprehensive range of services, backed by professionalism and reliability, equips you to confidently manage your storage needs.

We provide various storage facilities in South Africa. Whether it’s safeguarding your cherished belongings or optimising your business assets, trust Magna Thomson to deliver exceptional service at every turn. Contact us for further information.

Pallet box storage – sturdy, durable, and easily accessible – ideal for storing a variety of items, from small to large.

Container storage – the most popular and secure option, as containers are made of steel or aluminium and are equipped with security features.

Furniture storage services – short- & long-term – secure, convenient, and flexible options for your every need.

Self-storage – convenient, flexible, and cost-effective: choose between short, medium and long-term self-storage.

Car storage – From underground parking to specially designed storage units, there is a car storage solution for everyone.

Additional storage services – storage containers for trailers, caravans and boats.

Purpose-built storage facilities in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg

24-hour security and fire protection

Retrieve your belongings 7 days a week with one phone call

Additional storage services

Packing & crating

Loading & unloading

All-risk insurance