Anti-bribery & Corruption Policy

We have created a corporate culture which promotes ethical behaviour and maintaining integrity through any business dealing. A high priority is placed on honesty, trustworthy behaviour and setting a good example. We do not pay or accept bribes under any circumstances. We ensure every employee makes a clear distinction between the interests of our company and their private interests, to avoid possible conflicts of interest. We do not accept gifts, invitations or other advantages which could contradict this principle. We take the law very seriously and comply with legislation at all times. Any deviation from these policies is reported and corrective action is immediately taken.

We communicate all our CSR policies, Anti-bribery and Corruption policies, our Code of Conduct, as well as details of our pledge to the UN Global Compact to our suppliers by providing them with copies and verbally when we begin to work with them.
Please find a copy of our Anti-bribery and Corruption policy here.